Cover Songs Uncovered is a weekly series. Read about it here and see the list of previous songs here. When the series is not in hiatus, a new post about a different song is posted each Monday. You can listen to the songs in a Spotify playlist.

UPDATE: The series is back from hiatus! Read about its return here.

Cover Songs Uncovered is going on a temporary hiatus. It will return, just like The Jedi, Batman, and the Mack. But it’s going to go dormant for a bit.

Pop Culture Experiment has some new projects planned, one of which will be unveiled later this month. It’s a big one, but it will be worth it.

When Cover Songs Uncovered launched as Pop Culture Experiment’s first series in January 2016, I committed to 52 posts. I knew I wanted to post one for every Monday of 2016, and after that, I would evaluate. But 52 was the bare minimum.

Last week, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was Number 65. So I reached that goal, and then some. The “and then some” has been as rewarding for me as the series. Tony Grima has joined Pop Culture Experiment with his fabulous Freestyle Friday posts. There’s now a Pop Culture Experiment Radio Show on There’s a weekly newsletter, capping not just what has been posted on Pop Culture Experiment, but some of the best things we’ve read about pop culture in the previous week.

These are all fun projects, and while they take some time, commitment, and elbow grease, they’re worth it.

As is the stuff that Tony and I have coming up. He’s still doing Freestyle Friday. I’ll still be doing the radio show and the newsletter. And I’ll be focusing on a new series that starts later this month.

But make no mistake: I’ll be returning to Cover Songs Uncovered, because I’m not finished with that. And I know you lovely folks aren’t either. There are still several covers — great, so-so, and awful — that need to be uncovered. I haven’t finished telling you about all the songs you thought were originals but are actually covers. Nor have I finished introducing you to your new favorite version of a song.

Just think of it as being like Lil Kim: It will be gone for a minute, but it will be back again.

UPDATE: The series is back from hiatus! Read about its return here.

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