Now that “Game of Thrones” has wrapped up its penultimate season, we have a long wait for more episodes. And thus, we have to wait until we get more Jonathan Van Ness’s “Gay of Thrones” recaps.

But we’ll only have six episodes of “Game of Thrones.” And then it’s done. Does that mean we only get six more recaps from Van Ness? Hunty, we hope not!

“Gay of Thrones” was funny in its very first episode, and it has only gotten better. Particularly in the last two seasons, when “Game of Thrones” itself has had some missteps, Van Ness and his crew of comedian friends have consistently wonderful.

We cannot lose Van Ness. He is a treasure, and we hope that the eventual end of “Game of Thrones” does not mean we lose him as a presence on Funny or Die.

So with that in mind, I have brainstormed some ideas for Van Ness should he decide he wants to keep doing recaps of some sorts after the end of”Game of Thrones” (and “Gay of Thrones”).

37. “Murder, She Wrote”
36. WrestleMania III
35. “Star Trek: The Next Generation”
34. “The Sopranos”
33. “Dinosaurs”
32. The first season of “The Real World”
31. “Dawson’s Creek”
30. WrestleMania VI
29. “Adventures in Babysitting”
28. “Breaking Bad”
27. WrestleMania VII
26. “Empty Nest”
25. “The Golden Girls”
24. “The Monster Squad”
23. “Scandal”
22. “Revenge”
21. Any and all the “X-Men” movies
20. “Desperately Seeking Susan”
19. “Punky Brewster”
18. “Donnie Darko”
17. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”
16. “Mean Girls”
15. “My Best Friend’s Wedding”
14. “Pretty In Pink”
13. “Battlestar Galactica”
12. “Sisters”
11. “The O.C.”
10. “Orange Is The New Black”
9. “Return Of The Jedi”
8. “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”
7. “Desperate Housewives”
6. “Melrose Place”
5. “The Empire Strikes Back”
4. “Bachelor Party”
3. “The Big Lebowski”
2. “Star Wars”
1. “The X-Files”

As you read the list, you stopped to imagine what nicknames Van Ness would use, didn’t you? I know I did.

Jonathan Van Ness, please don’t leave us after “Game of Thrones” ends. We need your wit and perspective too much.

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