This is the ninth post in a series in which we profile people’s passion projects and let them explain their work in their own words. Learn more and see a list of all the projects profiled here.

Darian Wigfall is an activist and organizer in St. Louis. FarFetched is his passion project.

What is FarFetched? How did it come about?

FarFetched is a music collective, it’s an art imprint, it’s an idea and a lifestyle. Most people would describe it as a record label.

It came about from a group of musicians deciding that it would be beneficial for them to join forces than to try and do it on they own. It started with Damon Davis, Karl Livingston (Hearskra-z), Corey Williams (Thelonius Kryptonite), Ryan McNeely (Adult Fur) and Adam Estep (Scrub).

What version(s) of Darian does FarFetched bring out? In other words, how does FarFetched allow you to express yourself?

FarFetched brings out the organizing, managerial Darian. It also brings out the DJ, sound tech part of Darian. And the writer Darian. Finally, FarFetched brings about the familial Darian – I play an older brother, similarly aged brother, parent and close cousin all within my relationships with our artists.

FarFetched allows me to express myself artistically when writing copy and DJing. It allows me to express love in a way that I don’t get to with friends in general. I also get to express myself as a political agent which is great to me. I can bring my full self into the endeavor.

How have you fostered those versions of yourself with pop culture?

I’ve fostered those versions of me with new and relevant music, older and still relevant music that informs my thoughts, my DJ sets and the copy that I write for the company. So news and media affects what I say in our newsletters and in the blurbs promoting our music and events.

If FarFetched had a theme song, what would it be?

If it weren’t a song like “20,000 Years From Tomorrow” by Damon Davis, it would probably be me narrating a totally different Afrofuturist story over the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” theme song.

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