This week on Meredith Goldstein’s “Love Letters” podcast, I was honored to appear as a guest to talk about making mixes to help people get over breakups. You can listen to that episode (and all the other episodes) here. And you can learn more about Meredith’s new book here.

For the occasion, I made a special “Love Letters” breakup mix on Spotify. You can get to it here, but it’s also embedded below.

This was made specially for “Love Letters,” but it had some familiar songs from the Cover Songs Uncovered series:

Of course, it’s not a definitive list. There are a few others I could have used from the series:

I’m not sure what it says that about 20 percent of the songs I’ve used in this series could be good breakup songs. Perhaps it says something about me, though I will choose instead to think it indicates that people wanted to cover these songs because they identified them. Rather than me having some weird sort of preoccupation with breakup songs.

What are some of your go-to breakup songs? Let me know in the comments.

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