The April Pop Culture Mashup was a challenge in which participants were each sent a list of 10 random pop culture entities. Each person then had a week to create something that incorporated at least 2 of the 10. Here is the list of 10 that Aprill Brandon received: Mister Rogers, Sesame Street, Watchmen, Indiana Jones, Frank Zappa, Ricky Martin, Glenn Close, Gilligan’s Island, Les Miserables, and The Breakfast Club. View the rest of the results here.

In a world where Hollywood will remake anything… like, literally anything… comes the blockbuster hit of the summer…

The Breakfast Club 2: Second Breakfast
Starring the cast of Sesame Street.

Featuring Bert as Brian “The Brain” Johnson
“Could you describe the ruckus, sir? Did it start with the “ruh-ruh” sound? Ruckus. R-U-C-K-U-S. Ruckus.”

Elmo as Andrew “The Athlete” Clark
“Elmo’s not a winner because Elmo wants to be one. Elmo’s a winner because Elmo talks constantly in the third person. Kinda like a puppet. It’s about how involved Elmo is in what’s happening to Elmo.”

Cookie Monster as Allison “The Basketcase” Reynolds
“Me do that. Me do anything for a cookie. And me don’t need a million dollars to do it either. Me is a chocoholic.”

Abby as Claire “The Princess” Standish
“Excuse me, sir. I think there’s been a mistake. I don’t belong here. I already know my ABC’s.”

Oscar the Grouch as John “The Criminal” Bender
“Hey, how come Cookie Monster gets a cookie? He gets a cookie, we all get a cookie, it’ll be anarchy.”

And starring Mister Rogers as Mr. Vernon
“Don’t mess with the bull, young man. You’ll get the horns. Speaking of bulls, does anyone know the sound a cow makes?”

Relive your favorite scenes all over again. But from the level of a preschooler.
Oscar: “Well, Bert, this is a very nutritious lunch. All the food groups are represented. Did your mom marry Mr. Rogers?”
Bert: “No, uh, Mr. Rogers is my neighbor.”
Mr. Rogers: “Hello, neighbor.”

Mr. Rogers: “What if your trash can, what if your family, what if your collection of dead fish was on fire?”
Oscar: “Impossible, sir. My dead fish are in Bert’s underwear.”

Cookie Monster: “When you grow up, your heart dies.”
Oscar: “So, who cares?”
Cookie Monster: “Me care.”
Mr. Rogers: “Just feel it’s important to point to out that’s not medically accurate, neighbors.”

Oscar: “Will milk be made available to us?”
Elmo: “Elmo’s incredibly thirsty, sir.”
Abby: “I have a really low tolerance for dehydration.”
Elmo: “Elmo’s seen her dehydrate, sir. It’s pretty gross.”
Cookie Monster: “What is dehydration? Me never heard that word.”

Dear Mr. Rogers,

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you why we want to be your neighbor. You see us as you want to see us — in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a neighbor.

Sincerely yours,
The Breakfast Club

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