The April Pop Culture Mashup was a challenge in which participants were each sent a list of 10 random pop culture entities. Each person then had a week to create something that incorporated at least 2 of the 10. Here is the list of 10 that Stevie St. John received: Fraggle Rock, Kiss, Friends, Rocky, Spawn, Rick Astley, Sherlock Holmes, The Sopranos, The Big Lebowski, and Oprah Winfrey. View the rest of the results here.

Drafts from Phoebe’s songbook

Sherlock Holmes

There’s been a crime at Central Perk
A murder right here where I work
As Rachel poured the coffee
Gunther found the body

Oh, I made up the crime
Still the crime must be solved
Who can solve this crime?

Detective man, detective man
We need your help!
Detective man, detective man
Come to New York!

You wear a hat for stalking deer
You search for clues both far and near
You smoke a pipe!

You’re smart and you’re vain
Sometimes you use cocaine
Here we drink coffee
And you prefer tea
You’ll solve the crime!

Detective man, detective man
Come find the truth
Detective man, detective man
You’ll be our sleuth!

TV Night

Quiet night, it’s just me
What’s on TV?

Through the channels I surf
The Fraggles and Smurfs
Sopranos, X-Files, Buffy
Angel, Charmed, and Ally
With the dancing baby!

Oh, Oprah on Ellen
What will they say?
Ellen reveals that
Yep, she is gay

The Big Lebowski
And the fifth Rocky
Rick Astley on MTV
And KISS with Ace Frehley
A cartoon Spawn
So many things on …

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